What helicopter is used to conduct the flights?

— We use Robinson R44 helicopter for the flights.

Is it safe?

— Yes, it is safe. Robinson R44 helicopter is considered to be one of the safest in the world. We have an Air Operator’s Certificate, the certificate of helicopter airworthiness, and other necessary documents confirming safety. Our pilots have the highest qualifications and vast experience, while our mechanics strictly monitor the state of the aircraft and keep it in perfect condition.

Where do the flights take place?

— Helicopters of AviA-100 club are based on the airfield Borovaya near Minsk. As a rule, most of the flights are conducted from there. If you wish our helicopter can pick up a passenger from any place in Belarus.

How much does a helicopter flight cost? 

— The cost of the flight depends on its duration and several other factors. Current prices for various types of flights can be found in the respective section of our website; you can also call us for more information (+375 44) 777-2-555.

Are there any health and/or age restrictions for flying a helicopter?

- No. For sightseeing flights and air excursions there are no health or age restrictions. Absolutely anybody can be a passenger in a helicopter, except for those under intoxication. But those who want to become a helicopter pilot should be medically certified – in this case there are certain restrictions.

I want to book a helicopter for an event ...

— Please call us (+375 44) 777-2-555 and we will discuss in detail in what way our helicopter can become a part of your event, as well as calculate the costs and advise you on all other issues.

I'm in a hurry to another city. Can we depart right now?

— Helicopter reservation is made by phone (+375 44) 777-2-555 one day before the flight. Urgent flight is also possible but it takes at least three hours to prepare a helicopter for takeoff.

I want to learn to fly!

— You can learn how to fly a helicopter within 40 hours with the help of our flight instructors. We provide individual classes based on the schedule you find convenient.

I want a private helicopter!

— You can buy a brand-new or second-hand helicopter with the assistance of AviA-100. We will help you to choose model, process necessary documents, order a helicopter, obtain customs clearance, register purchased aircraft and a helipad for it, as well as conduct regular maintenance of the helicopter. Please, call us (+375 44) 777-2-555 and we will help!