"My impressions from the first flight are hard to describe in words. Of course, strong adrenaline rush, fear, excitement and overwhelming sense of flying, and feeling of freedom – you hover in the sky like a bird, breathtaking; I’ve never seen or feel anything like this ... Amazing!"

Anton K.

"I liked the air excursion very much. I saw familiar places from an unusual angle and discovered them from another side. Entirely different scale and quite different beauty! Add to that the emotions from the thrill of flying and stunning photographs we took - this day was truly memorable!"

Ekaterina L.

"Our company regularly receives visitors from abroad: representatives of our business partners. For each visit we need to organize an entertainment program. In search for interesting and nontrivial entertainments we found an offer from AviA-100 and have already ordered helicopter excursions for several times. Every time it became the “fun of the fair” having the most positive response and strengthening business ties. We plan to continue actively cooperate with AviA-100 and thank the pilots for their excellent work!"