Rapid life tempo of a modern business person requires enhanced mobility. Unexpectedly emerged important meeting in another city? Sudden necessity to visit regional office which is few hundred kilometers away? Urgent need to visit within one day several sites located at considerable distance from each other? Or just want to use your time efficiently without wasting it on long journeys by car? This is all real with Aerotaxi service.

Helicopter Club AviA-100 provides air transport for individual flights, both personal and business, to any location in Belarus. Aerotaxi significantly reduces travel time because:

  1. air routes are defined in accordance with the specific objectives of passenger,
  2. helicopter moves much faster than the car and doesn’t stop at traffic lights or get stuck in traffic jams,
  3. neither does it depend on road quality, and most importantly
  4. Aerotaxi can bring passengers to locations difficult to access where there are no roads, in fact.

Helicopter requires a very small ground for landing and takeoff – about 25m2. Professionalism of AviA-100 pilots can be a guarantee for precision landing. Therefore, Aerotaxi can take passenger on board and land him or her in any geographic location.

Aerotaxi is usually ordered 1-3 days prior to departure.

When there's a need for particularly urgent trip it is possible to depart the same day though its takes at least three hours to prepare a helicopter for takeoff. This is due to the necessary flight registration procedures.

Helicopter rented for a flight or series of flights follows the route tailored individually in accordance with business or entertainment purposes. This is a convenient way to save time, travel longer distances in the fastest way possible, and of course, manage to do everything.

In addition, Aerotaxi can serve representative purposes. It will make a visit of business partners rich and vibrant event and emphasize the special status of VIP guests.

Helicopter Aerotaxi is an easy and very fast way to come from one geographical location to another. To order Aerotaxi and calculate the cost of your en-route flight, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!



Helicopter offers an amazing opportunity to attract attention of your target audience. The appearance of a helicopter carrying a banner ad, corporate flag, or poster with the slogan, logo, greetings, or wishes will never go unnoticed. To the contrary, it will certainly be remembered and stir long and heated discussions. Indeed, there are no other ads in the sky at all!

Helicopter can carry the banner over an open-air entertainment or business event. It can emerge above the venue of academic or business conference, corporate holiday destination, or any other place where the target audience is gathered for a thematic activity. Apart from that, a banner carried by a helicopter and hovering in the sky can be used as unusual greetings for partners or employees of the company, welcoming for VIP guests, or as a part of bright and innovative ad campaigns.

Every order for a promotion activity involving outdoor advertisement mounted on a helicopter is discussed and carried out on an individual basis. AviA-100 takes into account explicit customer’s requirements and specific objectives of ad campaign or events. Experts from Helicopter Club AviA-100 have extensive experience in advertising of this type. They can provide prior consultations and help you define the size and other parameters of the banner, as well as give recommendations for its production and share considerations on technical nuances of advertising flight.

When organizing a spectacular ad campaign using a helicopter it is also possible to enhance its effect with air show elements. For example, helicopter can scatter small flags in corporate colors or balloons with company logo over the event ground. It is possible to arrange "descended from heaven" symbol or a special product of the company underlining its top quality. Among other possibilities are aerobatics and remarkable professional tricks that make strong impression on spectators.

High professionalism of helicopter pilots in AviA-100 Club is what makes it possible to accomplish the most daring and unusual tasks for various promotion activities.

In order to rent a helicopter for your promotion event and calculate the cost of this service, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!



Aerial photography from a helicopter is an opportunity to make unique and picturesque shots and to take pictures or video of various sites at unusual angles. Often this is the only opportunity to create a full or the most impressive view of the benefits of certain site or scale of the event and its general look.

Aerial photography from helicopter is a unique sales tool for real estate developers of residential areas and housing estates, office, shopping malls and entertainment centers, for the owners of other large commercial real estate, for real estate agents, and for advertising agencies. Apart from that, this is a convenient way to collect and maintain data for companies working in such fields as geodesy, design, landscape design, construction, security, energy, tourism, and other important industries. For architects, realtors, developers, builders, owners of real estate and hotel service facilities, bird's-eye photos are the most effective way to demonstrate all the advantages and benefits of purchasing certain real estate, piece of land, private house in a picturesque location or area with convenient infrastructure to a potential buyer. This is also the best way of convincing customer to make reservations at hotels, resorts, and country houses. These photos make all the details clearly visible and at the same time show the scale and global view of the site. They will be the most impressive and convincing part of commercial presentation and important argument in decision-making process.

For geodesists, energy workers, designers, and constructors, aerial photography provides the opportunity to quickly and accurately assess landscape features, space geometry and to monitor the state of such site and facilities as transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, bridges, rooftops, industrial and natural sites, reservoirs, and forests. As well, aerial photography allows keeping the records of construction stages or other on-site works.

Helicopter can be of use for advertising and event agencies, TV companies, film production companies, photo artists, and videographers. Helicopter provides them with an opportunity to find remarkable, attractive, and spectacular angles when shooting movies, commercials, music videos, scenic panoramas, sports events, weddings, VIP visits, major concerts, and cultural events. Shooting from a helicopter is a chance to make compelling photo and video reports from big events and large-scale promotions.

Technical capabilities and small size of helicopters available at AviA-100 Company and the high professionalism of the pilots permit photo sessions even in tight spaces.

In order to book a helicopter for aerial photography and calculate the cost of this service, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!


Inspection of oil and gas pipelines and transmission lines on a helicopter is a reliable and quick way to check the status of these important industrial facilities and areas where they are located.

Helicopter Club AviA-100 offers to interested organizations the services of one-time or regular air inspection of oil and gas pipelines, other pipes, energy transmission lines, bridges, roads, and other industrial, energy, communication, and construction sites.

Flights over these facilities allow conducting visual inspection of the sites and their major components - bearings, cables, poles, valves, insulation coating, and other elements. Aerial inspection helps timely detect leaks, unauthorized connections, defects and damage of oil and gas pipelines, high-voltage transmission lines, etc. After identifying the problem, air transport can quickly deliver specialists and thus ensure prompt response to emergency. It also makes sense to use a helicopter to coordinate repair works, as well as to control their quality and compliance with safety regulations.

Moreover, operations of these facilities are conditioned by terrain where they are built. Air monitoring enables control of the compliance with regulations on protected zones and defined distances, as well as of the tree growth and the soil erosion near the forest corridors for transmission lines and pipelines. In fire-prone periods, helicopter can be a reliable tool for the prompt detection of fires in peat bogs, forests, fields, and other agricultural and forestry sites close to oil and gas pipelines.

Visual observation from helicopter prevents losses during gas and oil products transportation as well as losses and threats caused by late detection of accidents at pipelines, transmission lines, and other important industrial and energy sites. AviA-100 Company has enough capacity to organize regular inspection flights over oil and gas pipelines and transmission lines, as often as it is convenient (e.g. 1 or 2 times per week) and identify the route in accordance with the specific needs. Additionally, AviA-100 offers yearly subscription to the service which is convenient and a good value for money.

To order helicopter flights over oil and gas pipelines and other industrial sites as well as to calculate the cost of such flight within a particular route, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!