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We decided that just lifting you into the sky and showing incredible panoramas is no longer enough for us!

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You and I are lucky - we live in that part of the hemisphere where the seasons come and go.
In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
See what winter landscapes nature draws for us!

Flights are carried out during daylight hours.
In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
When booking a flight, you pay for the entire helicopter, not for a seat in it. Up to 3 passengers fly at the same time. Therefore, you can share the winter fairy tale and the feeling of flight with your loved ones!
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Helicopter excursion is a delightful combination of entertainment and education. Even familiar places and sights appear in a completely different perspective from bird's-eye view, charming ad admirable: you’ve never seen anything like this before!

Helicopter Club AviA-100 invites you to exciting air excursions which are the opportunity to see the familiar sites anew and enjoy magnificent landscapes of our country.

  • Route 1. Borovaya - Reservoir Vyacha - Borovaya – 15 min.
  • Route 2. Borovaya – Stalin Line - Borovaya - 30 min.
  • Route 3. Borovaya – Reservoir Vyacha – sightseeing around Minsk (over the ring road) – Borovaya – 1 hour.
  • Route 4. Borovaya – sightseeing around Minsk (over the ring road) – Borovaya – 30 min.

Attention! It is possible to arrange sightseeing tours within individually developed routes in accordance with personal preferences of the participants.

The cost of an air excursion depends on its duration:

Duration of Excursion Price
15 min BYR 2 500 000 
30 min BYR 5 000 000
60 min BYR 10 000 000

To book a helicopter excursion, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!

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The day when the dream came true! This kind of day should be a birthday of the most beloved and dearest person or your own, shouldn't it? Need something special on occasion of anniversary? Want to have an exceptional holiday, organize exclusive celebration, present a completely new experience or make the utmost memorable gift? There is a perfect solution to all these challenges. Book an air excursion in the first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100.

Reach new altitudes on your birthday and literally ride the whirlwind! These feelings are priceless and unique. A helicopter flight for the birthday guy, man of the hour, hero of celebration as well as for the guests would be a breathtaking, astonishing, and extremely impressive and valuable gift. Sightseeing flight will add solemnity to this important day and make it truly memorable. Birthday pictures taken from the cabin of the helicopter, as well as pictures of familiar places from a bird’s eye perspective will help to preserve the memories from this day for a lifetime and will hit you home online photo albums.

Helicopter flight on a significant occasion is the best way to make the celebration the most remarkable of all. Air tour may become an imaginative surprise and can be presented unexpectedly in the form of a gift certificate. It may also become an agreed in advance but still impressive present that one had long dreamed of.

The flight can start in the Helicopter Club, from the airfield Borovaya, or right from the celebration venue if it takes place out of the city.

To order helicopter flight for your celebration and calculate the cost of this service with respect to the features of party scenario, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!

It is worth taking care of ordering a helicopter for a certain date in advance. Timely preparations create foundation for perfect celebration!

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Break away from the earth! Beauty lives in the sky!


Sightseeing flights on Diamond DA40 and Viper SD4 planes are unforgettable exclusive excursions over the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus.


Reviews of all this from a height of flight will not leave indifferent all those who have risen into the sky with us, will give bright memorable emotions! The ability to fly and look at everything from a height is the best and unforgettable gift for yourself and your loved ones!


You can impress your colleagues and guests of our country with the beauty of the flight, the overview of Belarusian sights. Such feelings are comparable only with love, because they arise in the sky!


People fly! This is the best gift! And we will help you create it!

Contact us - and the sky will be yours!

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Helicopter air transfers are carried out all over Belarus.
Helicopter Club AVIA-100 will deliver you quickly and reliably to anywhere in our country.
with landing almost anywhere

What are we flying on?

Light commercial helicopter manufactured by the American company "Robinson Helicopter Company"
The helicopter is equipped with climate control to regulate a comfortable air temperature.

V max .: 110 knots
Duration of flight without refueling: 3.5 hours
Working height: 1,500 feet
Max. height: 4250 feet
Max load: 1000 kg


Search for an original gift can be quite a challenge! Worthy, prestigious, representative, individual, and creative – this is all about gift certificate for a helicopter flight. A certificate of the first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 is a way to present surprise, impressions, new experience, spirit of sky conqueror, long and delightful memories, as well as fascinating and unusual photos . In today's way too material world sincere emotions and personal experiences are valued much higher than the most expensive things. And the opportunity to experience something new, to feel unknown, get overwhelmed with emotions and admiration becomes the most valuable and desirable .

Apart from that, gift certificate for a helicopter fight is also a great solution to a classical problem, such as “What to buy for a person who already has everything”. There are people who are difficult to surprise and to choose a gift for. But it is still possible to make them happy and impressed! Give this person a gift certificate for an air tour and you will feel how nice it is to spring birthday surprises and make a dear person happy.

Gift certificate for helicopter flight is the kind of gift that will not be forgotten for sure. To the contrary, it will be remembered with admiration, gratitude, and smile for many years.

Helicopter Club AviA-100 offers the following gift certificates:

Gift certificate for 15 minute flightBYR 2 500 000 
Gift certificate for 30 minute flight

BYR 5 000 000 

Gift certificate for 60 minute flightBYR 10 000 000 
Gift certificate for a flight with individual route Specified when placing the order

Gift certificate is valid for 3 months.

To purchase a gift certificate for helicopter flight, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555! 

Choose unique experience for a present!

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Helicopter ride is a fresh idea for a prestigious and exclusive corporate leisure program. It emphasizes the substantial scale of the event and at the same time proves creativeness of the company and its willingness to explore new opportunities and follow the latest trends. Sightseeing and entertainment flight organized by the first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 for employees and guests of your company will make the strongest impression on them, it will become a topic for discussions and subject of admiration for a long time.

Standard scenarios of corporate entertainment bore many people to death. Restaurants, menus, guest artists change, but it takes a fundamentally new kind of entertainment and settings to raise the eyebrows. Possibility to rise into the sky, get the sensation of flying, see the ground as it is seen by birds and experience the brightest emotions is a guaranteed way to make everyone to forget about the problems, “switch” the mind, relax, and at the same time, appreciate the company which takes a trouble to arrange this kind of unusual experience for its employees and business partners.

AviA-100 offers the following options for sightseeing flights and air excursions within corporate events:

  1. Arrival of helicopter to the place of celebration (if the event is held outside the city). Passengers boarding, takeoff and landing happen at the location of the corporate party. In this case, geographical and technical capabilities of landing helicopter in the given area should be prior discussed with the specialists from AviA-100. 
  2. Helicopter landing and takeoff from the territory of the Club, airfield Borovaya. In this case, all those participating in sightseeing flight arrive to Borovaya airfield on their own and take off from the territory of the Helicopter Club.

Duration, routes and other aspects of corporate air excursions are negotiated individually when placing the order.

Air show

Another extraordinary entertainment for corporate celebrations is air show. Helicopter operated by a highly qualified pilot can carry a flag, banner with logo, or other company's promo materials above the place of celebration. It is also possible to make a show with colored fume or scatter around balloons of corporate colors, and even to place a decorated bottle of champagne or flower bouquet on the table. Air show will be the highlight of corporate celebrations and will definitely fascinate the audience.

In order to get consultation and rent helicopter for a corporate event, as well as calculate the cost of the order with respect to specific features of the event, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!