Timely and competent maintenance of helicopters is the main condition for safety of flights. Air transport should be regularly tested for technical compliance with officially established norms and standards of airworthiness.

Airworthiness is verified within certain time frame (e.g. once a year) and after certain number of flight hours performed by a particular aircraft. Helicopter working resource is determined by its manufacturer and indicated in the documentation for each helicopter. After working resource is over, mandatory maintenance work or replacement of specific parts should take place. In particular, Robinson R44 helicopters require maintenance works every 50 flight hours. These works include replacement of expendable materials and technical fluids, examination of the basic units and devices, and other highly specialized works. Apart from that, if a helicopter hasn’t been used for a long time it requires extensive check before the first flight. And even if an aircraft is actively used, before each flight one must inspect the board, check the fluid levels and amount of fuel, and if necessary refuel the  helicopter.

Specialists in the first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 have considerable experience in servicing Robinson helicopters that is supported by all necessary certificates, licenses, and approvals for such work. In addition, AviA-100 has a heated hangar for maintenance and repair works which meets the respective regulations for this type of premises.

Experienced technicians from AviA has been  serving Robinson helicopters for many years, the thoroughly know all the features of these machines and can anticipate and prevent a variety of situations that might occur during operation. In addition, there is a reserve of the most demanded spare parts, expendable materials, technical fluids, and aviation fuel in the Club. The cost of annual maintenance service of helicopters owned by individuals is generally comparable to the expenses incurred by similar maintenance of a car. 

Therefore, the owner of helicopter can entrust the service works to AviA-100 and forget about all the technical intricacies, important dates, and other nuances related to aircraft maintenance. Leave it to specialists to take proper care of continuing airworthiness and safety of helicopter. It takes a simple phone call to have a Club-based aircraft fully prepared for takeoff (checked, fueled, warmed up) by the exact time of owner's arrival. The latter needs only to get in, take off, and enjoy the flight .

In order to get consultation on fueling and maintenance of helicopter, as well as to request this service, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!



Each helicopter requires a ground for basing, storing, and takeoff. Helicopter owners in Belarus have two choices for this kind of site:

  1. to set up a helipad on their own territory, for example, country estate; 
  2. to rent the space for helicopter storage in Helicopter Club AviA-100. 

Each of these options has its advantages. However, it is important to remember that a personal heliport must comply with a number of technical and other requirements, adopted in the Republic of Belarus. These standards define the size of the site (at least 35×35m), its location (a certain distance from various other sites) and other nuances. Apart from that, for some helicopters manufacturer requires special conditions for storage or repair works (obligatory use of covers, cool box, heated hangar). And most importantly, any helipad must be not only constructed but also registered what means collecting a large set of documents. Only after that it is possible to base and use an aircraft legally. In most cases, helicopter owners prefer to use the services of the Club and keep the machine in AviA-100, on the airfield Borovaya near Minsk. This is convenient because the Club has already created all the necessary conditions for helicopter storage and use. This is where the spare parts, expendable materials, and aviation fuel are also stored. And most importantly this is where highly professional pilots and technicians work; on-site they can carry out scheduled maintenance works or conduct necessary checks before flight and refuel an aircraft without owner's presence. A helicopter based in AviA-100 Club can be brought to any location following owner's request. It can also be fully prepared to takeoff from Borovaya by the requested time of ower's arrival.

It is also possible to sign additional agreement with AviA-100 Club and lease a private helicopter which is not in frequent use to the Club for commercial use. It will not only significantly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance but also can bring the owner of the aircraft additional income.

In order to get consultation on basing a helicopter, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!



Each helicopter purchased for use on the territory of Belarus must be registered in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of the Republic of Belarus in the same way as each purchased vehicle receives individual state number. In addition, it is obligatory to register a helipad where the helicopter will be based and from where it will take off. Personal heliport must meet various architectural, technical, aviation, and other norms and regulations. Without official registration in Belarus helicopter operation is impossible.

For registration of helicopter and helipad one needs to collect a large set of documents - contracts, customs declarations, various certificates , approvals, licenses, and other important papers. Typically, this process  together with obtaining certificate of airworthiness takes 1.5-2 months.

The first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 provides professional assistance to aircraft buyers in the matters related to registration of helicopters and helipads as well as offers to rent a site for basing on a registered heliport of AviA-100 Club, airfield Borovaja near Minsk.

Experts in Helicopter Club AviA-100 have great experience in successful and fast completion of approval and registration procedures for helicopters and helipads.

In AviA-100, buyers of helicopters always get full range of technical and legal consultations on processing paperwork that is necessary for choosing, purchasing, clearing, registering, certifying, and maintaining an aircraft.

Upon agreement with buyer of helicopter, specialists of AviA-100 Club can take almost complete care of all emerging issues and of processing a full set of documents required for state registration of an acquired helicopter and its helipad, what significantly saves time for helicopter owner.

In order to get consultation on registration of helicopters and helipads, as well as request this service, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!



For a successful and safe operation of  helicopter it must be regularly maintained what includes timely replacement of spare parts, expendable materials, and technical liquids according to the rules of operation established by the manufacturer.

In the first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 owners of helicopters, both legal entities and individuals, can purchase various spare parts, aviation fuel, supplies and expendable materials, accessories, and additional equipment for Robinson helicopters, as well as request such works as installation of parts and equipment, their diagnosis, replacement, and other types of necessary maintenance works.

As a rule, the most demanded and regularly replaced parts and expendable materials (such as oil and air filters, oils, lubricants, and other materials) as well as aviation fuel are available and stored at Club's warehouse in sufficient quantities. It allows at any time promptly replace expendable supplies or broken parts.

If helicopter is based on the airfield of  Helicopter Club the replacement happens immediately. If helicopter is based on personal site of its owner, it is possible to deliver spare parts and expendable materials as well as to carry out on-site repair works. If the part that needs to be replaced is not in stock of AviA-100, the experts of Helicopter Club will quickly find the required part in the catalogs of the best manufacturers at the best price.  In coordination with helicopter owner they will order the necessary part with delivery to Belarus in the shortest time.

Highly qualified technicians from Helicopter Club AviA-100 have considerable experience of servicing Robinson helicopters. They can  consult owners of helicopters on all matters related to the best possible choice, purchase, delivery, and cost of spare parts, expendable materials, and related products. They can also advise on the replacement and installation works.

In order to get consultation on purchasing of spare parts for helicopters, as well as to order any, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!



Availability of high quality aviation fuel is an essential condition for the operation of any helicopter. Quality of gas affect engine reliability, safety of flight, and duration of operation of various components in helicopter fuel system.

Individuals and organizations can always purchase avgas 100LL for their helicopters in the first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100.

Avgas 100LL is produced from the crude oil. It is a mixture of high-octane hydrocarbons with the addition of antioxidants and special agents, such as anti-static and anti-knock. This type of aviation fuel has proved well when used for refueling helicopters of various models: 100LL well evaporates, creates a homogeneous fuel-air mixture, and provides stable combustion process, which is important for smooth and continuous operation of aircraft engines.

Specialists of Helicopter Club AviA-100 strictly control the quality of the purchased 100LL aviation gasoline and strictly observe all established by manufacturers and safety regulations standards of storage, transportation, and refueling. Compliance with the rules recommended by the manufacturer (storage in special containers, protection of avgas from sunlight and heat, prevention from ingress of extra air, moisture, or mechanical additives) helps preserve the original composition of 100LL and in particular, avoid the loss of its lightest elements affecting vapor pressure and fractional composition of gasoline which are the most important quality criteria for aviation fuel.

In AviA-100 Club owners of helicopters can refuel their machines with avgas 100LL or purchase it in barrels. Helicopters based on airfield Borovaya are refuel by technicians on-site. If a helicopter is based on a personal helipad of its owner it is possible to arrange the delivery of aviation fuel in barrels to the helicopter base; Club's technicians will refuel the aircraft in the owner's presence.

In order to get consultation on refueling the helicopter, as well as request this service, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!