For pilots who have already mastered basic flight training the first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 offers a series of individual workshops aimed at enhancing their piloting skills and in-depth study and exercising particular practical aspects.

Topics of individual workshops:

  • The rules and phraseology of radio communication between flight crew and air traffic controllers.
  • GPS and IPad software. 
  • Flying with simulated engine failure and equipment.
  • Flying with the selection of landing sites from the air.
  • Sports flights.
  • Checkrides and flight to decrease meteorological minimum. 

An individual workshop lasts about an hour and consists of two parts. In the beginning, an experienced flight instructor delivers theoretical part (about 30 minutes) explaining the important principles, procedures, and possible nuances. This is followed by a 30-minute practical flight with the instructor on Robinson R44 helicopter. During the flight various flight scenarios are simulated so that a student can practice the new competences and thus hone his or her professional skills.

Individual workshop delivered by a professional pilot with extensive flight experience and impressive number of flight hours is the instrument for sharing unique practical experience, secrets, and niceties of airmanship. Individual training allows designing a convenient schedule and adjusting the education process to each student’s personality. This is the way to achieve impressive results in mastering the art of helicopter piloting.

To book an individual master class, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!

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Test flight is the initial part of the curriculum for amateur pilots. The test flight performed on Robinson R44 helicopter by an experienced teaching instructor from professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 allows beginners to assess their physical and emotional experiences while in the air and to challenge their readiness to master the art of helicopter operation. This is also a chance to get acquainted with basic features of Robinson R44 helicopter and the technique of operating this machine. For those who already have experience in operating other types of aircraft the test flight will help to figure out the differences between them as well as to identify the gaps in one's knowledge and skills in order to determine the theme sessions and workshops necessary to enhance the piloting capacity.

Duration of the test flight is from 5 to 15 minutes. Typically, this time is enough to prove numerous advantages of Robinson R44 model and to demonstrate piloting elements included in the training program. Moreover, during this time it is possible to make preliminary assessment of your feelings while in the air and to determine the most relevant areas for practice.

Test flights are conducted at convenient for student time; helicopter takes off from Borovaya airfield.

To book a test flight, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!



The first Belarusian professional Helicopter Club AviA-100 provides training and retraining for amateur pilots through teaching how to operate a modern helicopter Robinson R44. Pilot training consists of individual training sessions in piloting helicopter which are conducted at convenient for a student time. Practical classes are led by the flight instructor authorized to deliver preliminary flight education whose experience includes hundreds of flight hours.

Who can study helicopter piloting?

Anyone can learn how to fly a helicopter. It takes 40 hours of individual practical training with a professional flight instructor to master the basic skills of piloting from scratch. To get enrolled in the course of preliminary education in helicopter operation a student must meet the following requirements: 

  • to be at least 18 years old by the time of the first solo flight; 
  • to have completed secondary education; 
  • to have medical certificate of flight fitness. 

Instructors and aircrew from AviA-100 Club provide future students with complete advice on obtaining medical certificate of flight fitness

Main stages of learning:

  1. Test flight demonstrating the power of Robinson R44 helicopter.
  2. Medical certification.
  3. Theoretical course in Minsk State Higher Aviation College.
  4. Practical flight training.

Training curriculum

The curriculum of helicopter pilot training consists of theoretical and practical courses and has a single basics module covering all models of helicopters.


Theoretical part is taught at AviA-100 Club according to individually tailored schedule. The courses are delivered by experienced teachers from Minsk State Higher Aviation College; they include the following disciplines:

Guideline documents regulating the performance and safety of flights.

  • Aircraft Flight Manual. 
  • Practical Aerodynamics.
  • Air Navigation.
  • Aviation Meteorology.
  • General Information on Aircraft Design and its Flight Operation.
  • General Information on Engine Design and its Flight Operation.
  • Aircraft Hardware and its Flight Operation.
  • Radio Systems and their Flight Operation.
  • Electrical Equipment and its Flight Operation.
  • Life-Saving Equipment.
  • Flight Safety Analysis on Air Transport. 
  • Human Error.
  • Aviation Medicine.


During the flight training students practice on Robinson R44 helicopter. They exercise to reinforce the skills of pre-flight preparation and piloting technique, which will further allow them to perform solo flights confidently and safely in the mode of:

  • hovering, moving close to earth;
  • racetrack pattern and operating under VRF.

Duration of flight training course

Duration of flight training course depends on student's experience in piloting. 

The following four options are available:
Option 1For pilots who previously flew other types of helicopters as aircraft commanders. 9.59 hours
Option 2For pilots who previously flew other types of helicopters as co-pilots and for pilots with more than 500 flight hours.13.5 hours
Option 3For graduates of civil aviation flight schools or training centers and for amateur pilots who previously flew other types of helicopters.27 hours
Option 4For airplane amateur pilots, for amateur pilots who don't have previous experience of flying helicopter, and for pilots not falling under the options 1-3, as well as for those willing to become amateur pilots.40 hours

After completing the training course Helicopter Club AviA-100 forwards the documents on training received to the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus for a student to get an official license of amateur pilot.

In order to get consultation on pilot training and register for pilot school, please, call (+375 44) 777-2-555!